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Why Private Tutoring?


In classroom instruction, teachers tend to teach to the majority of students who are average because the majority of students are average.  Students who are gifted tend to be bored and want more of a challenge.  Students who have trouble grasping concepts are left frustrated and defeated. While it is always every teacher's intention that each student succeed, it is nearly impossible to meet the needs of all students in a classroom setting.


Major learning centers have their own programs.  Once the student is assessed, the student will start the program where the learning center feels most appropriate.  While this is helpful, the student and tutors must follow the program.  It is assumed that all students learn the same way and can be successful on the same program. Furthermore, learning centers tend to place up to 3 students with one tutor at each session regardless of the price per session.  Some of these centers hire high school students while others do have certified teachers.


Private tutoring allows the student to have the sole attention of the tutor. The tutor can be flexible and adaptive at each session being careful to meet the needs and learning style of the student.   Private tutoring can challenge the gifted student to learn more advanced concepts.  For the struggling student, it can build confidence and a sense of accomplishment. The average student can reinforce and ask questions about content that is taught in the classroom. Each session is designed specifically to the unique needs of the student from an experienced and licensed teacher.




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