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Katie's Approach

As an experienced educator, I believe that a team effort between student, tutor, and parent is crucial to a student's success.  My role is to listen to the goals of the parent and student, so that I can effectively meet the student's needs.  I understand that all students learn differently, therefore, I tailor each tutoring session to accommodate the student.  I can assist with gaps in knowledge, homework, enrichment, and test prep for students grades 6 to the college level.  Please contact me regarding elementary age students.

My Credentials
Katie's Report Card

Katie's Report Card

From the students:

  • I took the SAT again and I actually made it through the whole reading section with time to spare.  All of the tricks Katie has taught me helped so much!  I raised my SAT score and got into my dream school!!--Leah N.


  • I never understood my math teacher in 7th and 8th grade.  I am glad I got to be in Ms. Hernacki's class because I like the way she teaches and it's really helped me.  ---Brittany A.

  • I finally understand math because of Katie and I am getting an A.  --- Carly T.



From the parents:


  • Math has been very difficult for my daughter since 3rd grade.  She has told me almost every year that she can't understand what was being explained to her.  My daughter is currently in 11th grade and says that she understands math when Katie explains it.  ---Andrea D.


  • Katie is organized and is great at communicating with parents.  ---Robyn G.



From teaching professionals:

  • I have watched Katie turn from a student teacher into a teacher of the type I would like teaching my grandchildren.  ---Linda W.

  • I consider it a distinct honor to notify you that an incoming student at Western Illinois University, in an anonymous survey has named you as her or his most inspirational teacher.  ----Jack Thomas, Ph. D.

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